If overnight shipping is not enough, we offer you even faster shipping solutions.
We deliver your consignments in Germany on the same day by train, plane or direct trip.

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Same-day logistics for your urgent Shipments

In addition to our regular national and international overnight shipping, we also offer solutions for particularly urgent shipments. In Germany and Europe, we enable guaranteed deliveries on the same day. The right shipping route is tailored to your individual requirements. We offer the following variants:


  • Guaranteed same-day delivery
  • Active tracking of your shipment by our employees
  • Free proof of delivery by email
  • Provision of shipping material / possibly post-packaging
  • Insurance up to 500 euros according to the terms and conditions


After collection, we will load your urgent shipment onto the next high-speed train. Your shipment then travels in the train manager's compartment to the nearest possible station. From here we organize the direct delivery of your shipment by courier. Of course, you will also receive a delivery confirmation here.
For example, the IC courier costs on weekdays during our business hours within Germany from 159 euros (excl. VAT).

Flight courier

Express delivery outside of Germany guarantees you the fastest possible delivery by air. Your consignment is realized by the additional cargo as a special cargo in a passenger plane. From the airport we organize the direct delivery of your shipment by courier.
The flight courier costs, for example, weekdays during business hours to Brussels or Milan from 430 euros (excl. VAT). If necessary, a specially trained courier can personally accompany and deliver valuable items.

Direct drive

If, due to weight restrictions or remote destinations, it is not possible to send the lightning by IC courier or plane, a direct journey by car or van is recommended. Your shipment will be shipped directly from the pick-up address to the recipient across Europe without reloading - with the greatest possible security and flexibility. The load kilometers traveled serve as the basis for the calculation.

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